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Post 02 Oct 2018

And to be honest it seems a bit...dead.
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Post 02 Oct 2018

Yes I use it. Just featured three songs in a play in which I used Allihoopa to collaborate. Certainly doesn’t seem dead to me. They keep adding more apps (including ones by Moog, Korg, and Yamaha), they added private messaging (which was also how I communicated with my collaborator), and the badges are kind of fun. If you browse by latest and by app, you’ll see people are uploading stuff at a pretty high frequency.

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Post 02 Oct 2018

I absolutely love Allihoopa. As compared to Soundcloud.. which seems rather lifeless to me.

I find Allihoopa inspiring, many music makers will listen to your music and leave comments and also collaborate with you. I've meet some great connections and friends through it and helps me inspire to create more.
Note there is also no limit to how much music you can post (that I know of). Compare to Soundcloud.

Great medium to create and share your music.

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Post 21 Oct 2018

Aosta wrote:
02 Oct 2018
And to be honest it seems a bit...dead.
Anyone actually getting much use out of it and is it worth messing around with?
I use mostly Figure, hit me up :puf_smile:
I agree... I thought it was just me... I also found that all the acappella's have been used like a million and one times... and there's nothing new. I thought it would be easy to find a singer/songwriter to collaborate with since it's open to the world, but not so much. It's about as bad as it is to find someone local.

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Post 25 Oct 2018

So far, all collabs on my tracks have been from foreign countries... So, I can't say it's too big here in the states. It did help that I was able to make the staff "Spotlight" section. None of my other music has been worked on though.

edit: foreign as in not the US as I'm in Texas, y'all
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Post 13 Nov 2018

I use it mainly to upload unlisted tracks that I am working on. Quick and easy way for me to privately listen to them on the go via my smartphone or laptop to get ideas on where I need to adjust the mix or arrangement.

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