Rytmik Cymbal sample acting weird.

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Post 28 Mar 2024

So, I have a song that I've finished and when I play it back from the beginning, the cymbal in one of my Rytmik drum machines doesn't play at measure 89. This only happens when I play the song from the beginning. If I start the song a few measures back from where the errors happen, everything works properly. The patterns are sequenced correctly. I can see the pattern switch on the drum sequencer and the cymbal is marked to trigger on step one of the pattern. But it doesn't sound. It's not an accidentally automated volume control or anything because it plays when I start the song just before the measure. Is this a memory issue? But whey would it always fail at the exact same measure? The sample fails to play at the same spot when I export the song to a wav. file as well.

This is driving me nuts.

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Post 29 Mar 2024

Are there other drum sounds being triggered by DrumSequencer on the same step? If there are, and they're playing, then there's a mystery. But if the cymbal is the only sound on that downbeat, it's possible the pattern switch command is reaching DrumSequencer just a touch too late and missing that first event. I've seen this happen sometimes.

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