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Hello everyone, just landed on this forum! My name is Bruno

Lately i'm starting to use Reason for live performances: i control knobs and faders with a midi controller and i just improvise
What if i would like to add a new instrument while i'm performing but listening it just in my headphones and then send it to the speakers when i'm ready? Is this possible?
I am a dj too, i am used to prelisten the next track i am going to mix, so i wonder if i can do somthing similar with Reason too :D

Thank you so much!

IMPORTANT: i'm using Reason 12 and i basically stream my performances, so i actually don't have to send audio to speakers but to the streaming software (OBS)

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I'm also a new user of Reason. Hope to have a response soon.

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If your interface has 4 outputs, you can do this with the Control Room Outputs patched to output 3/4 and using Send 8 as a PFL (pre fader listen) function. You will need to be able to listen to JUST these inputs with your headphones, so hopefully that is easy to setup with your specific interface.

Set all the sends to unity gain (0dB) and PRE fader (but leave off). Connect the CR out to output 3/4 on the Hardware Interface. Normally the CR output is the same as the Master output, but you can switch this to any Send (or Return!) as well. To “solo” a channel, turn on it’s send (8) and switch the CR Out to “Send 8”.

It’s not as smooth as it could be, but with the right hardware it is totally “doable” IMO.
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Thank you so much, Selig!

It was very useful :D

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