Opening files - Can't back out of search bar filter

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If I use the search bar in the Reason 'Open Song' browser and then want to cancel or back out of the search filtering to the containing folder I had been in, the location is often forgotten by Reason. The 'Up One Folder' arrow becomes grayed out and when I click the 'back' arrow it sends me to a folder that must be a default location and not where I had previously navigated. This is an annoyance because I then have to manually navigate back to where I had just been before the search filtered down what files appear in the Reason browser.

Has anyone else had this issue? My Reason files are stored on a NAS so I'm wondering if that's part of the problem or if it's an unfortunate quirk of the Reason search function. Or if there's some other way to jump back to the containing folder that I'm not making use of.

Thanks for any tips!


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