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27 Jan 2024
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27 Jan 2024

Crybaby. If you can't take criticism you shouldn't be in business.
Businesses are made up of people, and people, no matter how professional are people.

And it's silly to ignore the fact that the human beings behind the screen might have little interest in engaging with an audience that will just throw shit and hurl abuse at every opportunity they get.

We have to be grown up if we want grown-ups to open up a line of communication with us.
It's a two way street. Some just look at spreadsheets and make decisions. The opinion of the end user isn't in the equation.
Thick skin is almost a requirement in the software industry.

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Reason is as popular as ever as evidenced by their social media growth (youtube especially). If they did more Tiktok promotion, it would be even bigger. Which is amazing because it's about a third as popular as FL Studio and half as Ableton, and this is with much less content. This means people in general are curious and there's many unknown users. If they let me run their Tiktok I would bring it to the moon because people really don't understand how EASY it is to make music in Reason, not only that but also VOCALS and mixing/mastering. It is NOT just beatmaking software, it's a whole suite streamlined for MUSIC.

For me I started Reason back in high school and it will always be my main DAW as long as it continues to stay true to their core and only add or fix stuff that truly is needed. Unlike FL Studio for example, which is a great example of over-updating and not optimizing stuff that already exists (for example their pitch correction system is like a frankenstein architecture, you have to jump through hoops just to set it up)

So I'm totally fine if Reason occasionally updates, because at the end of the day it's about quality over quantity. They happen to release the least updates out of the 3 DAW's I use (Reason, FL Studio, Logic) but it is by far the most streamlined software for music-making in any facet. The only reason I have other DAW's is out of curiosity and liking to learn new tools. And I think Reason 12 is just great. I honestly don't have any real gripes without being super nitpicky.
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