Combinator 2.0 Mirror - More Cv out + inconsistencies

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Post 19 Nov 2023

Hi all
I had this idea of mirroring a cmb 2.0 so that modifying the Master cmb modifiers, it would
be possible to send and receive to its child/slave cmb, every cv mod.

There's a couple of problems.
First, knobs and modifiers only have INPUTS on the back, and are limited to FOUR inputs at a time.
It would be cool if it would be possible to configure, cv's in and out on the back panel in the
same fashion as those are configurable in the front.

Another small problem is... drums rolling... those four inputs seems to not work correctly?

I have tried to output the 4 main knobs cvs from the Master cmb to its child cmb, and
there is inconsistency in the child reading...

I'll share the simple cmb I've used for the experiment, it's all free devices...
just connect the monitored out of the master cmb with the 4 modifiers inputs of the slave
cmb and check for yourself...

The aim of this mirroring, is basically the same of the players Mopol, LoveOne Midi-cv, or Tap,
to duplicate a device inputs to a second-series of other devices, but this time instead of
Midi notes, it would be cv, or Midi-cc even...

EDIT: If instead of using the cv throughout of the skope M4 to the four mod input of the copy cmb
in the bottom, I use the same pulsar out to feed both master and copy cmb, there is no inconsinstency
in the copy reading... so it's more likely something is happening in the skope M4 or the RVL-1 CV display-utility

Here is a pic and the cmb I used.
Screenshot 2023-11-19 alle 21.59.51.jpg
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