Intermittent Crashes in Reason When Rapidly Browsing Samples in Redrum

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Post 07 Nov 2023

Hello everyone,

I'm reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has experienced a specific issue I've been facing with Reason.

Problem Description:
When rapidly browsing through samples in Redrum, Reason sporadically crashes. This predominantly occurs with cymbal and crash samples across various vendors.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:
  • The issue seems to be exclusive to Redrum; I haven't encountered it while using Kong, NN-19, or NN-XT
  • This behavior is consistent across two computers
  • The software's reaction to the bug varies with the audio driver in use. With some drivers, only the driver crashes, while with others, Reason itself becomes unresponsive
  • Tests have been conducted with various audio drivers, including PreSonus & RME ASIO Drivers at both 44.1kHz and 48kHz, as well as the DirectX Primary Audio Driver
I have documented the issue in videos and am willing to share them for a better understanding of the problem.!AljUOBXZERw5v_tR15Z ... A?e=mm8paS!AljUOBXZERw5v_dvB0E ... A?e=D4Gzsf

My setup runs on Windows 11. A colleague on a Mac has been unable to replicate the issue, leading me to suspect it may be related to the OS or the fast storage drives in both of my computers.
I am currently in a two-month ongoing dialogue with Reason Studios regarding this ticket, but they have yet to reproduce the behavior.

Now I hope that someone here can reproduce the error and thus confirm the issue. Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

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Post 09 Nov 2023

Hmm never had this issue. I use Redrum a lot and also cycle through all kinds of percussion, although typically I do it the in the browser so it’s not constantly replacing the sample in Redrum’s channel. But I have cycled within the channel many times before. Perhaps you should just cycle in browser to circumvent your issue

What are your pc specs? I use other DAWs as well and must admit Reason is the most stable DAW I know. Perhaps it’s particularly something with your pc or even where your samples are located? Try cycling through Reason stock one-shot samples like the ones in Redrum, Kong, Umpf etc and see how it works. If the issue doesn’t arise, then perhaps you’re cycling through one shots located on an external HD
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Post 09 Nov 2023

I don't think it's a vst cycling issue per se. I had this problem where if your "actions per minute" cross a certain threshold with more demanding tasks, Reason just crashes. When cycling tracks with hotkeys and then shift-tabbing and editing the track quickly for instance. That was on my overspecced Ryzen 9 desktop I had, which was way to powerful for anything Reason, so it's not an issue of the computer being too weak. Wrote tickets and here on the forum - no response.

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Post 15 Nov 2023

Hi Guys
Thanks for your answers an inputs. I will do some more testing this weekend with your inputs in the back of my mind. Will post the results afterwards.

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