What's going on with Reasons news page?

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Post 19 Sep 2023

First they remove 4 useful articles about music production and synthesizers. Then they post an article about that Infekt guy designing sounds in Parsec 2. A day later they remove that article and instead we have a 3 month old sales announcement leading the blog.
I mean... what the heck?

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Post 19 Sep 2023

doesn't that just seem like normal behaviour? at least someone is looking at it, even if for admin

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Post 19 Sep 2023

Maybe it is on some sort of rotation? I never go there myself.
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Post 19 Sep 2023

They have a news page?
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Post 19 Sep 2023

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Loque wrote:
19 Sep 2023
They have a news page?
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Post 20 Sep 2023

I was wondering the same thing.

I was on the lookout for a kinda end of summers sale. I noticed there were no news for weeks or even months. Then those three articles about .. what was it? EQing or synthesis or something .. They got removed. Then this Parsec dude was featured for a split second and got removed as well. Seems strange to me.
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