Scarlett 2i2 W7 direct monitor echo

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Post 21 May 2023

I'm asking this for a friend who can't get rid of the direct monitoring on his Scarlette 2i2 (gen 3). I have a 2nd gen 18i20 and had a similar problem but don't remember how I resolved it. I'm not in the same area as he is so I don't have direct access to his machine to fix the issue. He's running an older version of Reason Lite (maybe 9 or 10)

He's running W7 on a laptop and I'm not sure about other drivers on the machine because he is not that tech savvy.

Focusrite tech support is REAL slow so that is another reason I'm asking here.

Thanks for any help you folks can give.

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Post 22 May 2023

Looks like there's a button on the front, but it appears to switch between mono and stereo monitoring (judging by the labelling).

If my 6i6 2nd gen is anything to go by, it's probably only accessible via their software Focusrite Control > ... i2-3rd-gen

In there there's probably an option to turn it on or off.

Honestly it's probably the one thing I don't like about their units, is having key settings only accessible via software rather than a physical button/switch.

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Post 28 May 2023

Oh man. I also have a Focusrite unit on one of my setups and I've not thought so much about it but yes monitoring is doubled. I think I have a Fire... something 24 or whatever it is. If someone would be kind to post a screendump on where to disable monitoring in the software mixer THANKS a lot in advance. I notice it when using the mike and suddenly noticing how all my button presses etc are heard in the phones. Not much of a problem but it is mildly disturbing anyway.

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