RRP patchbay plugin idea, because i miss rewire

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Post 24 Nov 2022

So i was thinking that although rewire was a little clunky, i do miss it.
Primarily because all the instruments in the reason rack 'could talk to each other' even though all instruments were receiving midi data from different tracks in the daw which was rewired to reason.

I do think the RRP implementation is much much better than rewire. It is a lot better to work with seperate clean racks for each track rather than having one huge rack full of interconnected mess.

However as I said i miss the ability for different instruments to talk to each other.
So i was thinking is there a way to build a patchbay device of some sort which would allow different RRP instances to send and receive various types of data ??
I'm thinking that what if there was a standalone rack like reason which basically is rewired to the daw (transport and tempo locked to the daw), and you can create patchbay devices of different kinds inside it.
And have different RRP instances in the DAW connect to the Patchbay device so that they can send and receive data like CVs, Gates, Notes etc.
you could send CV data from one RRP and have it modulate a parameter on another RRP via the Patchbay.

I mean it was already doable as part of rewire implementation, but now that rewire is discontinued and RRP is here, maybe something like this Patchbay could bring the advantages of RRP and Rewire together.

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Post 24 Nov 2022

I suppose you could pass along information between different racks using additional audio outputs and inputs of the RRP. For CV you'd have to convert it to audio first, but Thor can do this for example. Also your DAW must be able to handle routing the additional audio properly.

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Post 24 Nov 2022

Hmm, that's a neat workaround idea.
I'll give it a try and post here if it works...thanks 👍

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Post 24 Nov 2022

Yes. I've been suggesting something like this on various posts. I think that would be a huge addition to the RRP.

The Moog pedal plugins can send CV between them, apparently, so it looks like it can be done elegantly.
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