POLL: Summer Sale 2022 - How much did you spend?

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How much did you spend? USD

1- $200 and over
2- $150 - $199
3- $100 - $149
4- $50 - $99
5- $25 - $49
6- $10 -$24
7- under $10
8 Free - I used vouchers from Rewards
9- I didn't buy anything
Total votes: 131
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Post 19 Sep 2022

kitekrazy wrote:
19 Sep 2022
It hard to guy anything in this economy. I use to jump on PA stuff and foolishly go for Waves. Developers are starting to figure out less stuff is being sold and need those once in a lifetime sales. Maybe users have come to realize they have more stuff than they ever use.
We've reached the point of diminishing returns.

I'm still on r10.

Don't feel at any loss ATM.

I was on r+ for a while. Knew I wouldn't miss much.

Apparently there's a studio one upgrade. No hurry. Things have been good for well over a decade.

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Post 20 Sep 2022

Nothing in the summer sale, but I have purchased a lot since summer. Over 300 euros in various plugins, most are RE's :)

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Post 20 Sep 2022

Loque wrote:
13 Sep 2022
I think this is the highest amount of ppl didnt bought anything in the shop even if there were quite cheap offers. Maybe a few grabbed later something like Obsession or Nostromo which were incredible cheap, but who knows...Maybe only RS knows, how good this sale was in the end...
I actually slipped that last option (didn't buy anything) in the poll at the very end. It didn't dawn on me that some wouldn't buy anything. A bit of a shocker at the % there!

I suppose that if some didn't use up their Reward Points on the reduced price in the Rewards Section on Chord Sequencer Player a couple of months earlier, they might have thrown a few extra dollars RS's way along with that voucher to get something - or even get it for "free".
That said, I'm still expecting a killer sale by year end.

dan_g wrote:
05 Sep 2022
Shopped for 0€. used 75 of my reward Points to get The Legend and Polar.
If I had bought that, (as a Canadian), I would have used 100 Reward Points AND gave Reason Studios 5 or 6 dollars.

Those points for registering iOS apps/buying Reason upgrades/etc still stay the same - even though the devices to buy are 40% more.

Reason Studios still happily charges us 40 % on top of the US price - even though last year, the exchange rate was mostly in the low 20%.

But the Reason+ price is in "lowered" US dollars which is really 25 dollars a month.

Which is why I don't buy much from Reason Studios. Unless it's a stupid low price.

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