Is ReasonStudios server down?

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Post 04 Aug 2022

kurtg wrote:
03 Aug 2022
About the shop, the rack extensions that I own, are shown in the shop as buyable again. Like I did not own those licenses.
for example I bought several months ago pattern mutator, when I click ... n-mutator/ , it says buy now for 74 euro.

In "My products" on the website, they are shown correctly. Does somebody else has this problem ?
This is a known bug since months.
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Post 04 Aug 2022

ok thank you. Good to know it's a known bug.

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Post 05 Aug 2022

selig wrote:
03 Aug 2022
fceramic wrote:
03 Aug 2022
Yes servers have been down quite a few times the last few days. Not a great sig. The assert failure is also particularly nasty, forcing me to force quit Reason and Bitwig. I guess they're on summer holiday. Funny that Reasontalk is more reliable than the Reason website and service.
Maybe it's time for RS to allow for offline access??
Shadoww wrote:
03 Aug 2022
they need to get rid of this online login. it's useless we cant use it offline when they always have server issues.
You have been able to authorize your computer (for years now.) to avoid having to be online, unless you are running an RE demo or Reason+.
Except there is now something unreliable about it. I am on R11, offline authorised and yet every so often it makes me login. Sometimes the RRP will work fine but the standalone needs a login. No trials or demos are active, nothing has changed. I have not been able to figure out a pattern that might trigger it. At first I thought they had changed it to require a login every month or so but I can have it twice in a week and then nothing for weeks. I've always been offline authorised with Reason and it's only since R12 and R+ launched that I've had this happen. Support did not reply to the ticket, and then deleted it some weeks later! Customer Service R Us. :thumbup:

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