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Post 07 Jul 2022

Is there a way to make the items in the mixer widow shift to the left side?

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Post 08 Jul 2022

like a horizontal mixer? i dont think so

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Post 08 Jul 2022

Chizmata wrote:
08 Jul 2022
like a horizontal mixer? i dont think so
I think it's about Reason stacking the mixer channels from the right-side of the mixer, while having them on the left side would be more logical, for lack of a better word. I also wondered why it is the way it is.

Even better would be to have an option like Reaper has, to have normal mixer channels stacked from the left side, and have bus-channels on the right side, basically like real hardware mixers (which the Reason mixer obviously emulates).
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Post 08 Jul 2022

It would be great to have mixer left sided.

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