Maybe Make a Minimize/Maximize many by moving mouse (like in Blender)... also combinator parameter drag and drop!

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Post 22 Jun 2022

In Blender (3D Modeling Program, ICYDK) you can click on a min/max ( V > ) type interface control, then with the button held move over the others, and they will do the same operation as the last (to avoid maxing a min when you want all of the controls to stay min). Anywho, I find myself trying to do this in Reason as well in the device rack and thought it would be good to mention, even though I'm a lurker for the post mart. It would be cool to have more quality of life interface like that. No?

The other thought, when we are editing device control parameters in Combinator, it would be nice to be able to either drag and drop them from the device, or eyedropper them in would probably be easier. Just click on the knobby thing in the rack you want to control. It's not as bad to sift through the drop menu of less complex devices but some have hundreds of parameters. Just a thought... like, make Reason open source, but that's a dream right from the pipe.

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Post 22 Jun 2022

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