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Post 21 Jun 2022

Well, could be :-) Though from what I noticed when 12 was being released and a certain lag appeared to actually load the zoomlevel, the original image was seen first, crispy clear like before and then it felt like a second blurry layer was being applied on top. Saying it at least seems like the original content is still there potentially covered by an overlay of some sorts or simply further processing.
jonnyretina wrote:
21 Jun 2022
moofi wrote:
20 Jun 2022
Since the rendering of the devices with the new graphics isn´t as sharp anymore like it was prior to Reason 12 because there is some sort of blurry overlay thing happening (I find for example Redrum still possible to read yet quite tiring aswell) I at least work on 110%
I think what happened is that the original Reason assets were all drawn explicitly for @1x zoom, so they are crisp at 100%.

These new 12 assets were drawn for much higher resolutions first - @4x or maybe even @8x - and then simply resized back down from the large dimensions to a 100% equivalent size with a Bilinear or Bicubic filter afterwards. This is why they look blurry and worse than the older ones. The original ones are essentially pixel art :)

On a non-HiDPI device, Reason 12 is actually a visual downgrade as none of the devices now look as crisp at 100% zoom cause you are looking at a downscaled image rather than an asset actually drawn and designed for that pixel dimension originally.

I don't really understand why Reason Studios couldn't have just kept all the old 100% assets in situ or left them in just for standard DPI devices. They could have then only loaded the newer assets for HiDPI devices or for > 100% zoom on standard DPI.

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