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Post 14 Jan 2022

I have Reason 11. I have a tune that I did in Reason 4 back when it was the current version. I need to get the individual tracks or stems to put in another DAW. I loaded it into Reason 11. I created a mix channel for the first stem. I noticed when I played it back in Reason, the channel did not light up, suggesting that it wasn't playing the stem. Am I doing this correctly? I know I cam solo each stem and export but there's a million of them, 33 to be exact.

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Post 14 Jan 2022

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Post 14 Jan 2022

jam-s wrote:
14 Jan 2022

or viewtopic.php?t=7510680
Skip the video and go directly to the linked thread, the video's approach is unnecessarily complicated IMO doing each one by hand when there is a quicker/simpler approach.

And if you have levels in the 14:2 mixer you need to preserve accurately, you can use this conversion chart:

For sends you'll have to match the knob's position to match levels within a dB or so. Basically 100 on the 14:2 = 0 dB on the SSL send, and roughly 60 = -12 dB on the SSL send.
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