VSTs are too small now in Reason 12

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Post 12 Oct 2021

MattiasHG wrote:
08 Oct 2021
With the move to hi-res we're no longer relying on the OS to scale up the UI (chunky pixels and all) and by extension we also let VSTs open in hi-res and scale to the resolution and settings. Sadly it turns out many VSTs are not quite ready for this and expects the OS to handle the scaling. We're working on a solution where the default is letting the OS scale VSTs but being able to choose that per plugin. This should let modern VSTs built for hi-res work as intended while others can rely on OS zoom. This is only really relevant on Windows as on Mac that's handled differently. So hang tight and we should have this sorted soon!

As for the menu option being tucked away, that's kind of on purpose. The zooming we've implemented is to make up for any user preferences in resolution and scaling. At the basic level, we adapt to your screen resolution and OS settings but many people have preferences where they for example want all things in the OS really small but the program they're focusing on much larger. That's also why it scales the whole application and not just the rack.

In the future we could implement a more "adjust as you go" zoom option for the rack, much like how you can already zoom in the sequencer in various ways. It's not something we're working on right now, but it's in the backlog. Related to that I'd love to hear some input on how you'd like to use a specific Rack Zoom. Would you like to zoom the entire rack? Just the device you're working on? The device group you're working on? In the same window or zoom up an extra window like Mac's preview? Would you like the rest of the interface to be visible or use it as a "focus mode"? All input's appreciated :)
Thank you for the reply, did not see it!

Good to hear you will have it work that way for VSTs moving forward. I simply cannot use maschine comfortably in R12 anymore and it is a big part of my workflow.

as for having dedicated plus minus buttons, I think this should be per window. Like rack, sequencer, mixer and we should be able to adjust for either. OR a global CTRL+/CTRL- functionality or whatever shortcuts work best.

Don't forget that the menu doesn't scale with the rest of the program currently and definitely needs to in order to make sense.


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Post 12 Oct 2021

Funny thing about detached windows is that I never cared for them before, but now that we have floating VST's I'd like it if we could detach and float native devices as well.
If you dan't want to do this you won't need to use it and I wou;dn't want to replace the rach as it is. But I've found that it can be useful to be able to put one device next to another for a moment for any number of reasons and this can be quite tricky with the current system.
What would be perfect would be if you could drag to zoom these floaters but I'm sure that's asking too much.
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Post 14 Oct 2021

Eddi-16 wrote:
08 Oct 2021

Would it be easy to implement, if the VST is behind some kind of "display" in the rack, so that they behave like any other rack device? So, actually the devices are behind a display already in the preview, but its small and you have to click it, that it pops up.
I imagine here some kind of "hardware rack display" design, that has one big display, maybe which addapts to vst's size, where the VST is loaded and you can use it in the rack direc tly, without popping up, via a display "touchscreen".
Yeah. I am working with VSTs a lot and I have to do a lot of clicking and "fixing" the windows so they don't disappear. Especially when I switch from rack view to the sequencer this can get really messy fast. I'd love to see VSTs being implemented in the rack like REs are. That would be really great!

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