Global adjustment of 'sample length' within Reason?

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Hi all,
I have a combinator device setup with multiple Kong units (creating my own unique multi-layered drum kit) I wish to globally adjust every sample's length....rather than adjust every sample individually within each Kong unit......this is because I have lengthy cymbal samples there a way I can wire things up, so that one unit, or knob, can globally determine every sample's length?
Many thanks in advance peeps ;-)

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I have built a lot of Kong Combinators for things like layered realtime finger drumming. One thing I am pretty sure you can't do is adjust the global length of samples in Kong itself and don't know of a decent way to pull this off using the Combinator outside of sending the sounds you want to shorten to an alternate output and routing it through a device with an envelope that you can then control with one of the Combinator knobs.

One semi solution would be to set a Combinator knob to the Drum Decay OR DM Decay of each of 10 of the 16 drums in each Kong via the Combinator Modulation Routing. As long as the samples/sounds you want are on the 10 pads you choose this should work ok.

Alternatively NN-XT is better at sound layering AND has global controls (including sample decay). The drawback is that it doesn't do REX or any of the other non-wav/aiff sample/sounds that Kong supports.

EDIT: NN-XT can technically do wav, AIFF, soundfont, REX. The REX support isn't for a loop but rather one slice per note and I know nothing about soundfont.
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It seems to me that it is better to adjust the length of each sample individually than to invent some strange techniques that will not necessarily bring the desired result. I understand that you probably want to save time, but it seems to me that this plan will not work.

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In my head I'm thinking about setting all the samples to gate mode, so that they immediately stop after the note is let go.

Then, use the player NoteLatch (paid) to set the desired length of all incoming notes.

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Could you use NNXT , have all the samples in a group and adjust the envelope for that group?

I'm not sure if that would work but you could try it.

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Can't you just set the mod wheel to decay for each pad?

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Thankyou for the advice and ideas peeps. Much appreciated.

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