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Hello there,

I'm facing an issue I never had before.

When I export the song, not all channels are exported. They are not muted and I can hear everything from the playback in Reason but when I click Export Song I can already see:

-The starting point is not from the first bar but around the 5th
-The Bass BUS and Plucks BUS is not moving

When I listen to the .wav of the exported mix I can only hear Drums, Synths and Vocals.

I checked 5 times and I can promise you: I can listen to everything when I'm on Reason but for some reason not all instruments are exported in the final mix audio.

Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance

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Post 05 May 2021

hi there, welcome to the forum

i asume you use the "Export Loop as Audio File..." from the file menu.

can you explain what you mean with: " The Bass BUS and Plucks BUS is not moving" ?

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