Random recording latency that can be corrected by re-selecting the audio interface

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Post 05 Apr 2021

It's nothing new, I've had this problem for years. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had it as well.

So say, I go into my booth to record some vocals. Record them. All good.

A while later, I go in there again but this time when I put my headphones on I can hear a very apparent latency with my vocals which was not there before. Like half a second. So I have to go into Reason's preferences, re-select my audio interface (Roland UA-55 Quad-capture) and the lag is gone. I do not even have to select another audio source first or anything. Just click on the name of the already-selected audio interface and the problem is gone.

I don't know why this is. It's almost like the interface goes lazy after a while and needs a push like hey man wake up. This is not really a very big problem but I have to record vocals every day and can become annoying when I have to walk back and forth between rooms when it happens every other day. Anyone with an idea?
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Post 05 Apr 2021

sounds like possibly an issue with the hardware driver. have you tried using an alternate driver (ASIO4ALL, if you’re on PC)? not that you should be doing that as a permanent solution, but it could help narrow down the cause.

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Post 05 Apr 2021

It could be related to some powersaving option (that disables the USB after a while).
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Post 05 Apr 2021

Very fortunate (for me) that you just wrote about it and that guitfnky chimed in. Happened to me too, but with a twist.


Re-selecting the same driver didn't work, but swapping to asio and back did the trick. Very annoying bug, wasted a whole day.
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