Some orchestral sound files have suffix /Key Shift

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Post 03 Apr 2021

Some orchestral sound files have suffix /Key Shift

Oboe / key shift
violin / Key shift

When I load those sounds I don't see an option that transforms the sound in any way.

Any thoughts

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Post 07 Apr 2021

Usually the key shifting is way down the keyboard scale..

I remember doing key shifting with the 14:2 line mixer and off the top of my head that started at C0 (c zero) and I also have a vague memory of setting it up as a toggle as default it worked as momentary, or something like that.
I think there are some factory patches that use Thor as you could assign the buttons to midi keys, again they were real low, C1 or lower, can't quite remember.

So make sure you can play that range and it might be worth holding the key while playing, they might have things setup as toggle..

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