What would make you consider Reason+ sub?

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What would make you consider Reason+ sub?

Exclusive DAW features
Inclusion of 3rd party REs
Inclusion of Refills
Partial rent-to-own (i.e. % of sub payments accrue as store credit)
Tiered price (e.g. 10 for just the DAW, 15 DAW+REs, 20 DAW+REs+sound packs)
Lower price altogether
Nothing. I would never use Reason+
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Post 16 Feb 2021

I personally really like Vengeance/reFX. And Vengeance is under "About Reason" in "Signature sound design", but overall it could be more.
If Reason+ had this or a "Re(ason)Venger" that would be great. A lot of high quality sound packs, big leads, pads and basses.

I'm a bit worried that especially young buyers will end up at FL Studio instead of Reason.
The barrier to buy is higher than before. A pupil or student cannot subscribe for 20 EUR/month.

And of course it's a hard step to get all of these packs from these developers. It could also be exist a similar way in Reason+.
I know the expansion packs are overeffected, but for me, the service needs this mainly because soundpacks are a central point.

I must also thanks James to stay here. I've read a lot of comments and some critic is very harsh.

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Post 20 Feb 2021

I've had the trial of Reason+ for nearly a month, but decided not to renew. My reasons (cough):
a) Online-only is a dealbreaker.
b) I already have more than enough to play with when you include VSTs as well - though I did like Friktion
c) I was still on 10 and it merely confirmed my suspicion that 11 was barely worth the upgrade
d) Comes back to a). I like to do my main work on a powerful desktop PC, then bounce it to all my laptop so I can record the singer or have a backing track for gigs. If I do things in Reason+, then the laptop's going to need the same Reason version. Which means it needs to be online. Which means using it for playing gigs is also out of the question.
e) £100 a year trial offer isn't too bad, but £240 is simply too much. That's almost like buying the full software every year.
f) The soundpacks in Companion weren't for me - I don't want to sound like everybody else. Also having Companion running seemed to spike my CPU more. As does having the internet on generally.

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