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I am a beginner using Reason 8. How do i set up my RD-6 via USB Cable.

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The USB would be for MIDI, so you can trigger your RD-6 from Reason with the EMI (External MIDI Device). However, if you want to record the audio coming from the RD-6, you gotta route its audio out back into your system. Wether through the microphone jack or an audio interface. And you'll need to record that lane at the same time.

Also make sure you updated your devices firmware with Behringer's Synth Tool (idk what it's called these days but you'll find the download on their website) and double check on which MIDI channels it is receiving. Set your EMI accordingly.
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MIDI notes you need if you want to sequence it from Reason are:

Kick - C1
Snare - E1
Low Tom - A1
High Tom - D2
Clap - D#1
Closed Hat - F#1
Open Hat - A#1
Cymbal - D#2

Accent is triggered with a velocity of 127 I believe. It's global so sequencing any individual drum sound with max velocity will make all drum sounds on that step be accented.

If you want to use the RD-6's internal sequencer in time with Reason's tempo than you need to have Reason send MIDI clock by pressing the little SEND CLOCK button in the transport.

You will also need to tell the RD-6 to listen to Reason for this clock signal, you do that by pressing 'Pattern Group' and 'Write Next' together on the RD-6 and then pressing the '2' button which is also labelled 'MIDI'.

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