Reason 11 osx 10.x (Not Responding) how to break out of it

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Post 24 Jan 2021

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It happens a little bit too often. Reason 11 gets stuck in "Not Responding" in osx.
When this happens there is very little i seem to be able to do other than to ctrl delete and restart Reason.
This results in loss of work!!!!

- What causes this "not responding" stuff?
-How can i break out of "Not responding"? ("kill -CONT pid" doesn't work it seems).
- How can i save my work when stuck in "not responding"?? and lose my stuff?
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Post 24 Jan 2021

Go to the Apple menu at the top left of your screen. Select Force Quit and then Reason. The shortcut is Apple-Alt-Escape. If you do this you will lose your work though.

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Post 24 Jan 2021

Just curious, have you pinpointed the problem? Any plugins you typically use that are in these projects? I don't have the issue of Reason not responding. I think if you can figure out the culprit, that will save you the headache in the future.

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