After accepting update, now randomly fast forwards

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Hello. I bought Reason 11 back in October 2020 and it's been working fine until yesterday. Yesterday, against my better judgement, I accepted the update message at the top of the screen, I usually ignore these because updates always seem to screw up any program I'm using, at work or at home. This time was no exception. As soon as I accepted the update, now Reason skips ahead one measure, (the place marker fast forwards) totally randomly. Everything in this song is all live audio, no midi, (I don't do that sort of stuff, I just record instruments). It's always exactly one measure, no matter where I stop the song. It happens intermittently, no set timing or action on my part, and sometimes happens just once in a minute, sometimes dozens of measures a minute. It isn't related to any tempo or time signature changes. It happens while I record, while I playback, and while the program just sits there with me doing nothing. While I've been typing this it's moved forward to measure 23 from 0, and I'm not even on the Reason window. I've checked all hardware, changed mouse, and nothing is causing this on my end. I also checked to make sure there was no fast forward quick key that was getting stuck, but not that either, I don't change things from stock settings ever. So does anyone have an idea about this, is this happening to anyone else? I'm running Windows 10, it's a relatively newer computer, and like I said, before the update, was working perfectly. Please help, I can't get any work done.

Thanks for your time.
Ed Young

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