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Post 03 Jan 2021

Hi, I have a track where very rarely there's a bit of red (clipping) showing in the Master channel meter (which is set to Peak mode, not Peak / VU). However, I have insert effects on the Master channel that don't show any clipping: Ozone Maximizer, which keeps it at a True Peak of -0.8dB. And bx_meter's Peak meter shows no clipping either (it's after Ozone in the chain.. however its Peak meter shows 0dB, so higher than Ozone apparently).

Why do some of these meters differ, is there just natural variance? Is that too small to be of concern? Or are there settings to how each meter reads peaks, that I can adjust so they all match? Thanks

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I have wondered why different metering devices will show different levels all be it very slightly and have never really found a good answer, but I assumed it was any number of things such as different algorithms / samples rates etc...

But if your final meter shows levels below 0 and or reasons master meter clip indicator doesn't stay on I wouldn't worry to much about it especially if you can't actually hear it or see clipped wave forms.
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