What recently inspired you ?

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Post 07 Jan 2021

So sorry to hear about your loss mr figg, thoughts with you at this time.

Most of my inspiration comes from doodling with synths. It could be a new bass patch or lead I create that then leads to a full song idea. My latest song however was inspired from the issues of loneliness and mental health brought on by covid restrictions. Few friends having a hard time at moment and wrote it as a way to say they are not alone and have people to turn too.

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lately or recently i did not receive any inspiration in my life. all my work (old and new) relates to past. so with other words: my knowledge through life - life experience.
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I think lately you have to be inspired by the pain and loss as hard is it is to be, or use it as an escape if you can’t deal with it productively. For me that means seeing the spectrum of what they meant and what they did, not the fact that they are gone or what it is that caused it. The moment in time we have, and we share, we don’t own. Everything we get in life is rented because we are finite.

I share your pain. Two people I know died recently, one a family friend from covid, and one a young girl who was going to marry my best friend who passed from cancer. Seeing the pain of someone else you care about, someone planning a whole life that was never meant to be was gut wrenching. So I’m sorry to everyone here for their losses and I share the feeling of loss with you.

Music has made me feel better. Sometimes it feels like I’m pushing off dealing with things by playing with my blinking lights and noises, but it’s a kind of therapy. It makes me feel better and I wish you all here the same release and break from bad news that it gives me. It’s made me branch out into doing more than just making a tune here or there. I’ve done field recordings, learned new chords and esoteric scales, learned how to better use software I meant to long ago but never did until now, and making lots of interesting patches on my hardware and software for sounds.

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