2020 was Reason's best year ever, apparently!

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Post 09 Jan 2021

antic604 wrote:
09 Jan 2021
zoidkirb wrote:
09 Jan 2021
Spending the last 4 years integrating VST into Reason, and then becoming a VST itself, only to disappear into the closed Apple ecosystem? Nah I don't buy it.
You don't have to, because that wasn't their plan :)

IMO, it was something like this:
  • RE tech was designed with several features in mind: centralised login & password formultiple vendors, one shop & coordinated marketing and sales, easy hosting & automatic updates, virus and piracy protection, easy development, deployment and distribution, possibility to compile and run on any OS and hardware, incl. not computers (e.g. synths) - that must've sounded interesting to investors who wanted to build an Apple-like position on the music-making market
  • Props built a tech for easy "conversion" of REs into VSTs and web (and probably the other way around, too), with Europa VST being first a showcase for that; in my opinion it was never released to make money (the price was ridiculous) - it's purpose was for other devs to see the tech
  • their CTO gave an inspiring speech & presentation 2(?) years ago at Juce conference, painting a world where REs run as plugins, run on the web, run in hardware synths/fx in cooperation with Elk OS
  • they've opened up and gave free access to the RE environment/API and created a dedicated team to manage and develop it further
  • they've created the RRP, so that non-Reason users would be interested to tap into the RE shop, thus creating potential interest for VST devs to get on there - not because they can't make VSTs, but because the RE platform provides lots of current & potentil advantages compared to VST world (as per earlier points)
  • things like adding VST support to Reason, launching the Suite version, releasing a string of new Reason Studios' REs are all pieces of the puzzle - they either strenghten the RE platform (e.g. Players are really special even in the VST world, Complex-1 or Friktion can compete head-to-head with equivalent VST offerings) or simply provide diversified complementary source of funding
  • I've no idea what future they were building for Reason; I've a feeling that it was supposed to be phased out slowly with RRP taking its place, but in the meantime they've seen its potential and appeal and decided to also focus on its development
Obviously all of the above is just a speculation, but doesn't sound that far-fetched to me.

So, whatever Verdane's plans for their investment are, I wish for them to work out because it's also in our best interest :) :thumbs_up:
I think that's a pretty good summary all up. RRP was a big step in the journey (not such an exciting step for standalone Reasoners) and it still has a tonne of untapped potential. Given all the groundwork laid already I'm expecting at least, a very interesting R12.

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Post 13 Jan 2021

16161d wrote:
01 Jan 2021
BRIGGS wrote:
01 Jan 2021
I think Ryan's regular/consistent live stream, is a huge standout and factor for the success.

A+ marketing :puf_smile:
The livestreams are sooooo good, only just discovered them a few weeks ago and been binging a lot of them since. It definitely got me back into a using Reason a bit more and upgrading to R11. But even if I’m not working on anything, Ryan is just awesome to listen to.
Happy to hear that! :) We'll be back soon with more streams!

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