How do I setup sustain pedal in Complex-1?

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Post 28 Jun 2020

Can anybody here please explain how does one route a sustain pedal to work with the Complex-1 modular synth?

Bjørn Felle
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my sustain pedal isn't working so I can't test this, but if you put Complex-1 into a Combinator then you can choose sustain pedal as source in the combinator programmer and route it to various parameters of Complex-1. If that doesn't give enough control then you could use a CV generator rack extension (I like the Aftermath Audio CV 8x4) and have sustain routed to that so it generates a CV signal, then wire the CV cable to the CV input on the Complex-1, and then on the front of Complex-1 route the CV input to whatever you want to modulate. I'd be really interested to know if this works as I can't test it myself

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Hey man thanks for your reply. Yeah, this is totally possible. I've done it before with a combinator and a ModPanel16 rack extension.

What I did was I assigned a physical pedal to a switch in the ModPanel that would in turn output CV, which was connected to the combinator CV1 input, and then used the programmer section of the combinator to route this to the amp Release portion of several instruments at once, including NNXT a Malmstrom and a Thor. This is possible with any instrument that has an amp ADSR which is pretty much any.

I had to do this a couple of times for a show in which the pedal I had was not outputting a sustain (CC64) message but converting the CC of the pedal was not an option. It works flawlessly.

On the other hand, I was able to successfully do this with the Complex-1 as well, with a newly created patch from scratch, however for some reason I haven't been able to make it work in another already established patch that I have. Granted I'm still learning my way through the Complex-1 and modular synthesis, so I know I'm pretty close.

Thanks a bunch for your suggestion, I was just wondering if this could be done natively somehow within the Complex-1.

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