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Post 22 May 2020

I think some devices like Complex-1, Europa, Umpf and others need some tweaking in the context menu aka mouse interaction with the devices. I find all of the below issues particularly weird because everything was fine in older devices.

1st and most important: COPY ENGINE/DRUM/etc!
Lets say i have Europa or Umpf, which can have pretty complex settings in their different sound generators. It happens very often that I want a quick copy of lets say engine 1 to tweak it a bit in engine two, maybe for stereo effects or else. Right now it has to be reproduced manually, which is very cumbersome. A right click -> copy/paste engine (or drum etc. ) command would be very handy. It can be done in Kong, why not in the new devices?

2nd: Hovering over a knob/fader to show its value.
It was in all the old devices, but its not in Complex-1 and (parts of) other new devices. You can only see the value in the new devices by clicking the knob. To make things even worse, if you don't click pixel-precise, the value will change immediately without letting you know what it was before. So i'd like to have it like before, where a) hovering over the knob/fader showed it's value, and b) clicking roughly around the knob/fader position would not immediately change the value, but only when you started dragging.

3rd: A bit less excessive undo functions with more precise descriptions.
Again, often a Complex- 1 issue. It is surely an improvement that you can undo tweaking steps on a single knob now, instead of having undo return it to the position before touching the knob. But now even clicking a knob without changing it is part of the undo history. Also, undoing something you did half a minute ago can take quite a while when you just fiddled with a knob in between, plus you really gotta pay attention when actually the desired thing is undone. This problem gets worse by the fact that Complex-1's undo history has no details, only "Display Edit". So please, remove at least redundant undo steps and add detailed descriptions like "Change Complex-1 ADSR Release" or sth. like that.

Thanks for reading!

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Post 22 May 2020

1st proposal !
It seems REs aren’t allowed to have a context menu entry. Some REs provide explicit button to allow for copy/paste capability.
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Post 25 May 2020

The Issues you're having with Complex-1 are the result of the kind of "hack" that Complex-1 is: In its edit mode it is just a big custom display that is showing fake controls for all parameters.
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Post 25 May 2020

The Copy was requested directly when Europa came out. Nothing changed, so dont expect something to happen in the next 10 years.

The tooltips are missing, sometimes just crap or unuseful. I made a bug report for Europa years ago. Nothing happened. So here you shouldnt expect much too.

For the 3rd point, yea, sometimes the undo is very fussy. Maybe thats why ppl requested a undo history sincce quite a long time no. And again, nothing changed yet.

I am with your points, less needed in Complex-1 IMO, but really useful for Europa. Make a request at RS and good luck! To us all!
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