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Post 14 Feb 2020

Something strange are happening in my system from a couple of months ago that I can't figure it out... I'm using Reason 10.4.1 and after I record some midi stuff and then I hit "undo" command sometimes (not always) the midi clip isn't doing the "undo" action completely....
For instance if I record 3 bars the undo action maybe "erase" 2 bars so I left with 1 bar... I had to hit "undo" again to get where I started, also the more bars I record in a row the more "undo" hits it will require me to get where I started.
Normally I just hit 'undo' once and thats it. It happens in any song, new or old...

Anyone have this issue lately?

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Post 14 Feb 2020

are you seeing a split in the clip(s) between the section that’s undoing correctly, and the rest that’s still there after the undo?

if so, do you have any of your transport controls hooked up to a MIDI controller? if you have the record enable button controlled by your MIDI controller, it could potentially be sending some bad on/off messages so quickly that it doesn’t mess up the performance, but long enough to cause a split in the track. something like that would cause the undo history to see each record event separately, and effectively split any undo steps you need to do into all of those discrete chunks.

if that’s not it, I’m at a loss. it’s hard to triage without seeing it in action.

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