Compatibility; t of work from Reason 3 which is still usable. Salvage ?

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Post 13 Feb 2020

I left music for a few years, I still have Reason 3..01.
My operating system still supports it. but not for long.
Theres about 20 years of work which is about to be lost.
90% are just edits of edits . But 10% or so are well worth saving.
What action should I take ?
Id be perfectly content to continue with Reason 3. I dont need much.
What can I do to save the files on a new computer with a new operating system ?
If I must upgrade to a newer version can these files still be saved to continue working on them , or finishing them ?
Or is there any action which I can take ?
Or am I screwed ?

Any help is appreciated. An odd one I know , but .....thats the situation.

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Post 14 Feb 2020

I think Reason 3 files will open just fine in any more modern version of Reason. Of course you should backup all your files (also in general) to some USB drive or private internet file hosting.
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Post 14 Feb 2020

Self-contain the samples in all the songs before moving/archiving them. Back up any (non-FSB) refills along with the songs.

Plus, Reason 3 was the best!

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Post 14 Feb 2020

I work without problems with version 1.0.1 on Windows 7 x64. You do not have to worry about.

You must save the project files and refills. For example, on a portable hard drive.

I also recommend that you save the Reason folder from the Programm Files.
You can then run Reason without installing (run the Reason.exe file).
But when you first start you will be asked to insert the disk and enter the serial number. I use WinCDEmuPortable and disk images instead of CDs.

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Post 14 Feb 2020

Unless the programming language changes in the future you can count on reason 1 to work with 11.

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