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Post 12 Feb 2020


I'm getting a bit in a muddle with audio files and time stretching.

I'm fine with brining in loops/samples and stretching them out to 1/2/4/8 bars etc so that it matches the current temp of the track

There are 2 areas I'm having confusion with

1) Bringing in entire songs

If i bring in an entire song that I know is 130 bpm, do i set the temp to 130 before bringing in the clip?
Once its in and say i want to take a 8 bar section (generally a vocal section) and save it to use in other projects - how do I do this as even though its imported into the correct tempo, sections dont always line up. So if I cut bars 9-17 it may not make a perfect loop.

2) Bringing in TV clips, Spoken word, Speeches etc

Do you just use these as is, or do they need to be tempo matched also



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Post 12 Feb 2020

I usually set the tempo cause Reason runs everything according to tick (Pro Tools reference) and not samples. Therefore any adjustment made to the tempo will stretch any files out of tempo unless you right-click and select "DISABLE STRETCH"

I would set the tempo to be 130 first to make sure Reason doesn't try to auto-stretch anything if you adjust the tempo. If you disable stretch then none of this will matter.

You can always renounce the clip by right clicking and going to BOUNCE -> BOUNCE CLIP TO DISK...
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