Reason 9.5 Akai MidiMix Controller

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Post 16 Jan 2020

Hello! I recently bought an Akai MidiMix to use with Reason. This is the first controller I've ever tried to hook up. I assumed it would be automatically be recognized by Reason. I found that it wasn't, so I searched online for a fix because I really don't know what I'm doing. :lol:

I found this post... ... x-drivers/ ... ason-codec

Is there something missing there? I didn't see any Midicodec files.

I downloaded everything there and put it in the Remote location. Now, in the Controller Setup it shows the MidiMix and seems as if it's recognized now. But when I move the sliders and knobs on my MidiMix, nothing happens in the software. I have also opened the MidiMix Editor, I haven't changed any settings there.

Any help would be incredibly appreciated!!!!

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Post 13 Jan 2022

same here. i got standard midimix setup. routed some faders to remote override already. copied sighofmonsters codecs in the right place. my remote override is still the same, no buttons lighting up.

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