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If the Props were to release an audio CD with their music, would you buy it?

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Hi gang!

(skip to the second header if you're not interested in reading my background vent)

When I moved out of my birth town into the city I live in now my father gave me a present.. something I wanted for a very long time but never got around getting (busy with work, online purchases were less common, etc, etc.). I got my very own keyboard! I could pick what I wanted so I started looking around and my mind got set on a Casio CTK. It had all the usual stuff (presets, rhythmic background, arpeggiator, chords...) and also some more interesting features like a build-in playing tutorial. And midi out :)

We went to a music store which sold this particular brand and the seller briefly demonstrated the keyboard, which sounded pretty good. It was then when I realized that all the stuff he did to make it sound so awesome was something I should not expect to happen the moment we took it home. But I also knew that this device could do anything I wanted.

Why tell this story? Well, first of all because this is how I got into the wonderful world of (digital) synthesis.

But second, and much more ontopic, is that this realization (if you can call it that) also helped me to listen "differently" to all the awesome videos which the Props released. Meaning that I was no more watching and listening thinking: "If I buy this RE I can do all this stuff!" (sort off :puf_bigsmile: ) but I was mostly enjoying the music (or sound effects or...) while thinking that the device which was being displayed had all the potential to help create the music I was listening to, but that I should not expect miracles. It would still be me at the helm so to speak :)

And that resulted in me growing a severe liking to some of the background music which the Props used in their videos and tutorials (and I suppose it helped persuade me into buying nearly all of their RE's (I'm ignoring scenic, but got everything else)).

Sorry for a bit of a vent but I'm in 'that' mood again :)

See, because the forum was down this evening I also spent a bit more time playing with Reason (which is quite difficult right now because I'm using it on my own PC which I'm accessing from my laptop using a VPN, not very ideal but it works). And then I realized that Synchronous had become part of the default Reason setup (included with Reason 10) and I looked at its introduction video... and that resulted in this :)

Propellerhead music

Over the years the Props have published many videos in which they introduced new devices, shared a micro tutorial or just taught us how to be more creative with Reason. And I dunno about you guys but so many times the music they used seriously stood out... (at least for me).


What is your top 3 when it comes to the music which was shared by the Props in one of their videos? It doesn't necessarily have to be from the Props themselves but obviously it had to be used in an official video.

And yes, I know a top 3 can be hard to do but here is mine.... :) Note: all links point to Youtube videos.

#1 Introducing Reason 6 ("All I want is everything", Anosou)

Oh dear, where do I begin... Other than the powerful messages added into this video ("No right, no wrong", so true...) I got hooked on the music first time I heard it. Obviously it also helped that the Props had applied this in a very specific way; the Alligator intermezzo was plain out cool and when I heard the Echo I was basically sold :)

This song is even available as a demo song and honestly... I learned a lot by studying it and the used techniques to make all this. Priceless... "And that legendary master bus compressor", take my money already! :lol:

#2 Blocks micro tutorial ("Faster", Techno Squirrels)

When I first saw this I loved the music but I immediately had my conspiracy theories ready... Obviously the Props were feeling "heat" from Ableton (Live) and thus they tried to implement their own version of the 'session view' (it's a Live mechanic which I won't get into here because it's kinda offtopic IMO). Boy was I wrong :oops: I know the block feature isn't appreciated by everyone (ey, each to their own!) but I really got to appreciate it over time and it also taught me that this was definitely not comparable to what Live had to offer.

But that music.... hmmm... once again this is even available as demo material and I also took this apart (somewhat). Problem is that 'start' button which is too appealing here :) Then I start playing around in the rack and play the song again and again and in no time we're 2 hours ahead again.

#3 Introducing Synchronous (I have no idea, I assume it's random background / demo music made by the Props).

I know, I know... if you listen to this it's not really 'music' in the general way but more so a demo of what sycnronous can do but still.. I suppose it doesn't help that I am sucker for that "techno scifi beeping sound" (0:20, those high pitched beeps) and that I really admire the transitions starting at 0:40 and then that cool bass around 1:00 and then the whole thing comes back together again at 1:10. I'm a believer (and a fan!)

Do you have any favorites to share? If possible please add links too so we can all easily click & listen :)

And thanks in advance for any comments and/or feedback! Hope you enjoyed my top 3.
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