Glad I enjoy Reason as it is

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Post 08 Sep 2019

Creativemind wrote:
08 Sep 2019
TritoneAddiction wrote:
02 Sep 2019
since then, Mattias has seen our concerns, and acknowledged his understanding as to why many of us feel let down.
Did he, where or when did he say that?
Really? We're writing our own quotes we want other people to say now?
I've never said those words.
Things get pretty confusing if we do that.
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Post 09 Sep 2019

wendylou wrote:
08 Sep 2019
I've often wondered how many forum complainers end up upgrading, eventually, as the years go by?
Almost all of 'em. They just don't shout about it... :D

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Post 09 Sep 2019

TritoneAddiction wrote: When Reason 11 drops, I'm, buying Proboscis an upgrade, plus five Rack Extensions of his choosing
Thanks man, that would be awesome.

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Post 09 Sep 2019

TritoneAddiction wrote:
Proboscis wrote:
09 Sep 2019

Thanks man, that would be awesome.
You´re welcome.
Guys, please stop the quoting war before we start answering our own quotes and need psychological help :lol:

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Post 09 Sep 2019

Mahatma Gandhi wrote: Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
Speak for yourself, asshole.

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