What does the "shift" knob on the Malström exactly do?

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Simone Lombardo
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Post 10 Aug 2019

The title pretty much says everything. It seems similar to the "pitch" knob, but I don't know what makes it sound different. Maybe it modifies the waveform in some strange way...? IDK.

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Post 10 Aug 2019

Sound like formant shaper in Europa, which in the manual is described as:

• Formant
This simulates a formant (body) filter, which produces multiple peaks and notches in the frequency spectrum of
the signal. The Amount knob controls the formant transposition in the frequency spectrum.
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Post 10 Aug 2019

My understanding is that it alters the formant of the sound - kind of like manipulating the resonance function on a filter, only it's not actually doing any filtering in the traditional sense of the term

I don't know if that makes sense - when I started typing it out, I thought I had a clear idea but now I'm not so sure lol

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Post 10 Aug 2019

From the manual: The Shift knob changes the timbre of the sound (the formant spectrum).
What it actually does is change the pitch of a segment up or down by re-sampling. However, since the pitch you hear is independent of the actual pitch of the graintable (see above), pitch-shifting a segment instead means that more or less of the segment waveform will be played back, resulting in a change of harmonic content and timbre.

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