Reason 10 - Novation SLMK3 with MAudio SP2 Sustain...issue

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Post 08 Aug 2019

Hi there -

Reason 10, windows 10 updated. Upgraded to Novation SLMK3 controller - firmware all updated and such....

Not a newbie to Reason, but not an expert. Just upgraded from Novation SLMK2 to SLMK3. I cannot get the M-Audio SP2 sustain pedal to work. Tried both polarities. I can see on the MK3 it registering 0-127 and 127-0 based on the switch, however, Reason 10 does not respond.

I used the auto-detect surface to setup.

This is only the 2nd time I posted, and the first time, you all solved it. Appreciated!

Attached a screen shot - wanted to attach a reason file of my work, but it wouldnt let me.
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Post 08 Aug 2019

Did you download the Reason drivers here: ... d_type=all
Should be version

There was an issue with the original remote file (SL MkIII.lua) and the sustain pedal, but the update should be included in the latest version of Reason. I have the fix if you can't otherwise find it…
Selig Audio, LLC

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Post 08 Aug 2019

the Novation controllers require you to jump through some additional hoops to use with Reason. it’s been a while since I set mine up, but there was a process I had to go through, and I think it was a bit more involved than just installing the drivers. their site should have detailed instructions that show how to get it working.

I wish I’d opted for another controller though. the Novation looks nice, but its performance is quite underwhelming. the drum pads are garbage—I thought it was just a matter of getting them broken in, but even more than a year later, they still aren’t very responsive. even if I’m tapping fairly aggressively, it *very* frequently fails to register notes (or just assigns them a velocity of 1).

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Post 09 Aug 2019

Bit of a long shot but make sure you power cycle the Novation after you change the polarity switch on the pedal. Controllers usually only check the pedal polarity at power on.

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Post 12 Aug 2019

Thanks all. I have the latest version of everything. Powered off and on many many times. Still no luck....

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Post 26 Oct 2019

So I finally got this resolved - just wanted to post in case it helps because you all have always been super nice - really your feedback was appreciated.

Upgraded to Reason 11 - works fine now. Reason 10 however, still doesnt. Maybe Selig Audio, LLC was correct and it wasnt included in Reason 10 (which was update to date as of this post)

So nice to have sustain again :)

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