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First time poster so apologies in advance...

I am running reason 10 intro and have setup maschine as a controller. Its all working as it should, however, is there a way I can have the same cc control a device parameter. This works with the volume control as standard but i want to e.g have CC18 control rotary 1 on thor...and then for each instance of thor(not all at the time) as it is selected.

many thanks

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I don't know how it works with the intro version, but MaschineR is what you need to be able to control Reason from the maschine hardware. In your case, you get to control every parameter from Thor, switching between pages with the 4d encoder for more pages of controls like on maschine. You can also switch between devices from the controller, plus the mixer and transport and add devices and much more...

Send them an email asking if the intro version is supported, my guess is it must be! I use the MK3 version but they have for studio and other versions as well.

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