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When I assign my control keyboard's faders/knobs to an instrument in Reason 10.3(demo) they work fine but when I create a second instrument and play that, the same faders/knobs are still responding on the first instrument even though I've selected the second one in the sequence window and can play it with the keyboard. (I'm using an M-Audio CODE 49)

I have the keyboard in MIDI mode and other sequencers I use don't work like this. I just want MIDI CC to be sent to the channel/instrument I currently have selected.

Can anyone help me out because I like Reason and I don't want to abandon it over this issue if it can be solved.

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For this to work you will have to write a remote map/codec for your midi keyboard (if there is none already there). The remote override mapping that you're using right now just permanently binds any control of your keyboard to a specific knob/button.

(See Chapter "Remote basics", p576 in the manual: https://a.phcdn.se/Reason10/Manuals/Rea ... Manual.pdf )
and https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques ... les-reason
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Post 15 May 2019

Check your settings
Preferences/Control Surfaces...
At the bottom there's Standard or Seperated, try the other one.
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