How do most folks use their licence....

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Post 15 May 2019

Usually Ignition Key for the studio PC and computer authorisation for the laptop (the USB ports are to valuable in a live setup to be blocked by the IK).
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Post 16 May 2019

Authorised computer, if trialling stuff I do it online and the ignition key if I need to use Reason in another computer.

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Post 16 May 2019

buddard wrote:
15 May 2019
OverneathTheSkyBridg wrote:
15 May 2019
Strictly online for me. If I get an Ignition Key and authorize it can I still use online logins, or is it one or the other?
You can use them all in parallel!
I have the ignition key in my Mac mini, I have authorized my Macbook Pro, and I use online login for everything else.
You just have to take care to close Reason on one computer before you open it on the next, since you're only allowed to run one instance at a time per license.
Yeah no kidding, I was trialing RE's on my home puter and obviously online is the only way you can use em. Proceeded to go over to a buddies to show him a few things and forgot I was still logged on at home. Got an email from Props and I was like awww shit. Was a warning saying don't let this happen again or something of that nature. That was a while ago tho.

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Post 17 May 2019

So, the problem with authorising your PC is that it can get lost if the hard disk fails.
And the problem with sticking with online authorisation is when the PH server goes down. Like today. And on at least two occasions in the last month or so.

Both scenarios mean that you cannot use the product that you paid for. I think that might be how the human race will end.
We'll perish in cold darkness with no food or water because the Apple/Amazon/Google/Microsoft/Whatever cloud has gone down and our entire infrastructure just stops and waits for it to come back.... Happy days! :thumbs_up:

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