Presets vs/ Programming Your own sounds

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Post 27 Mar 2019

oh man i love making presets but its taking me away from songs not good
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Post 27 Mar 2019

I typically take a preset, maybe do some minor tweaking and then I drench them in a bunch of effects. Done. That’s my sound design.

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Post 27 Mar 2019

We've been using preset musical instruments for thousands of years already. Not a big deal. Let the musical spice flow.

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Post 27 Mar 2019

Well, I'm going, right now, to the hardware store to buy steel wires, cause it is lame to use pre-made guitars they really do sound the same, that shit is sooooooo 1600's century.... Ha ha ha, or not... :lol:

Take look at Andrew Huang's YouTube when he gives some aspiring producers a sample, to see what they come up with. Yes, not a preset that you actually have to play something with (i.e. adding creativity), but a sample.
The end result is vastly different, due to each individuals creative process, and that is what matters, your brain and your creativity - going to the end result.
The producers to one of M Jacksons old hits, took the intro from the Synclaviers demo LP!
Prince's old hits have the very distinct sound of a famous drum machine of it time - preset sounds.
Splice, chord players, "AI" melody makers, it is all here, just as presets in synths have for some +30 yrs - still it will be what you can do with it. It's all good and have fun y'all. :thumbs_up:
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Post 29 Mar 2019

For people getting into it just thought i'd ost his brilliant tutorial series.

'Lets turn this bass patch into a helicoptor' ......haha

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