Automation clips issue / bug?

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Post 11 Feb 2019

Hi all,

have a problem with automation. So when the automation lane (for example filter-frequency from kongs kick 1) is to the full clip-bar, the next first kick still have the filter, but there is no automation at all. So I have to shorten the automation clip, even if it is not over the next kick to have the regular kicksound without the filter-animation. see attached images.

Is this a bug? I don't understand the logic behind it.
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Post 13 Feb 2019

The automation lanes make CHANGES to the default setting. Click on the automation lane, and then check the default setting in the column that says 'Drum1 FX1 P1' in your snapshot image. You can click on the dot and change it's value. I hope that helps!
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Post 13 Feb 2019

I've dealt with this for several years. Doesn't happen with every device, I think, but filters are usually the ones that have this behaviour. shortening or drawing a sweep back to original position right before the next bar is what I do to get around it.

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Post 13 Feb 2019

I don't know, but it can be a "feature", ie it has a lag built in to avoid digital zipper noise. Though it would arguably be better if it also had a look ahead feature, which it appears it doesn't have. My guess is it's just how it is coded, not a bug per se, but could be improved upon.

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