10.2.2 Thumbnails Permanently Trashed by Waves

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Post 11 Jan 2019

After installing plugin updates from Waves in the past, I've occasionally had to create new snapshot thumbs for their plugins, because the update would reset the thumbnails in Reason. It was a pain, but was easily corrected by creating new snapshots, and only Waves plugins were affected. But now, I'm encountering a new thumbnail issue that's more widespread, and what's worse, it doesn't appear to be correctable.

Today I installed PRS SuperModels from Waves, and immediately encountered multiple thumbnail issues in Reason affecting not only Waves plugins, but various other 3rd party plugins, as well. Unfortunately, these errors are permanent and cannot be fixed by taking new snapshots :(

The corrupted graphics not only appear in Reason's Browser pane, but are also present in the Rack and VST windows.

I'm pretty sure I've isolated Waves as the culprit. First, if I remove the physical .png thumbnail files for just the Waves plugins, then everything goes back to normal for all other plugins (but of course, the Waves plugins have no thumbnails). Also, if I have Reason ignore the Waves plugins and not load them, everything behaves normally. The instant I reinstate the Waves plugins and/or their thumbnails, the problems appear.

Taking new snapshots only temporarily solves the issue. The new snapshots will only be present for the current session, but when I restart Reason, the thumbnails are all messed up again and any new snapshots I created are lost (well technically they're on the hard drive, but Reason doesn't display them).

I'm on the latest Reason 10.2.2 release - Windows 7. I thought 10.2.2 was supposed to correct all the graphic glitches, not create new ones. Very discouraging and disappointing.

Here are some screenshots from my setup:
Currupted Reason Thumbs.jpg
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Post 12 Jan 2019

I've had to delete all of my VST pics to stop these trashed pictures. My thoughts were it was to do with hitting a ceiling of VST picture numbers. But I don’t know. All I know is that browsing VSTs without the pics is rubbish. But necessary. I can't live with these errors.


It is a nightmare. But since it only happens to us few, I wonder if they are fixing it??

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