New Computer, New Balance Issues - Anyone Have Thoughts?

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Post 10 Jan 2019

Hey everyone! I just recently built a new computer for my studio, and I seem to be encountering some issues with my Balance audio interface. Once I got the system up and running and got the Balance drivers installed, things seemed to be ok. But once I actually tried to audition reason projects through my speakers connected to Balance, there were hiccups/glitches in the audio. I posted a while ago about issues that I was having wherein the problem ended up being the fact that I was connecting through a USB hub. But this time I'm straight-wired into the new computer still, and the issues are arising. Not sure if this points to a solution, but I'm using Balance to send all computer audio out to my speakers as well - not just Reason. And I did notice (which I didn't notice on my older computer) that when I open up a window like audio preferences or Spotify or what have you, there would be a little bit of noise played through my studio monitors, like the act of opening an app was causing some crosstalk with Balance or something. Not sure if that is indicative of anything per se, but thought I'd reference it here and see if it rang any bells for anyone.

Could it be that I just need to bite the bullet and get a new interface? I'm not sure what else I can try tweaking - So far I've:
  • Swapped around between all three types of USB ports (2.0, 3.0, 3.1)
  • Installed ASIO4All drivers and tried those (with some success but latency is an issue)
  • Tried finding non "Generic USB Driver" drivers for my mobo
I'm kind of at a loss here and want to start using this new rig for the reasons that I got it! If it is indeed an issue with Balance and I just need to move on, I think I might be finally in an emotional place where I'd be able to accept that and get something new, haha. I'm also trying to figure out if any of my local friends have an interface I can A/B test with as well, to confirm it's a Balance issue and not a different hardware/driver issue that I haven't yet diagnosed.

Thanks for reading through, and thanks in advance for any thoughts you can provide!

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Post 10 Jan 2019

I am writing a translator because I can not speak English.

The balance was discarded at the propellerhead.

There is no driver update.

When the computer is turned on and booting is complete

If you reboot using Windows software, you will be able to use it reliably.

Or open the reason first, take the audio interface to something else, and balance it again.

I am using it like this.

It is not good to open Chrome with a reason.

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When i start up my PC in Windows 10 I almost always have to open Reason the first thing I do and reselect the Balance driver in preferences even though it’s already selected. I get the little click in my speakers when I select the driver. If I don’t do this first then I find that all video playback stutters, YouTube has no sound and all sound from Reason is distorted. Don’t know if it’s the same issue you have really but worth a try.

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Post 11 Jan 2019

I think some interfaces are only gonna be keeping up via Asio4all.
Once a driver stops getting made that's curtains.
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Post 11 Jan 2019

Ok, thank you for the responses. Does really sound like it might be curtains for me using Balance, which is a shame as I've loved using it (first audio interface I've ever owned).

Thanks again for the responses!

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