How to clear Soundcards list in Preferences

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Post 05 Dec 2018


Did a quick google and search on the forums but couldn't find an answer, before I go bother support someone here might now this...
How do you clear old soundcards from the Soundcards list in the preference window ?


Somehow Reason is still listing my old soundcard, even tho they are uninstalled and removed from the Windows devices list.
Might be a old settings file I can delete to generate a new list ? It's a bit messy right now :)

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Post 05 Dec 2018

I got rid of the old ASIO stuff doing that:

Open the Windows registry (Windows Key + R -> enter "regedit" without "") and look for the folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> ASIO and remove the folders with the name of the devices you do not need anymore.

Take care to not remove anything else! :)

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