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Post 04 Dec 2018

scratchnsnifff wrote:
04 Dec 2018
WongoTheSane wrote:
02 Dec 2018

What size? Asking for a friend.

Life size, of course
Cardboard cutouts?

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Post 05 Dec 2018

after seeing the banner on the shop page i just got reminded on: why is there no merch from pheads? sure there was in the past, but i have no idea why the don't do this anymore. was there an offical statement to this at any time?

i would rock some reason shirts or hoodies to get my love out there for my fav. daw
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Post 05 Dec 2018

aeox wrote:
04 Dec 2018
scratchnsnifff wrote:
04 Dec 2018

Life size, of course
Cardboard cutouts?
How about life sized cyborg replications 😆
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Post 14 Dec 2018

It's Baaccckkkk!
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