Reason 10.2 and external hardware issue

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Post 15 Oct 2018

I am trying to get to the bottom of an issue I have not been able to resolve for some time, and I thought I would see if the minds around here might be able to hep.

I have Reason 10.2 running on a Win10 (1809) Surface Pro 4, an Arturia Keystep USB MIDI controller, Roland System-1m, IK Multimedia Uno synth. All of these are connected by USB and not any physical MIDI cables. I am also running the Roland Cloud System-1 VST, as well as the IK Multimedia Uno VST. Both of these VSTs are supposed to utilize the corresponding hardware as control surfaces.

When I load a blank song in Reason and add either VST, I seem to be able to send MIDI messages from the Keystep, through Reason, and to the hardware, which I have a corresponding audio track to receive audio.

The Uno synth has a standalone editor which doesn't need a host to use, and which works for sending and receiving MIDI to/from the Uno synth. I can open the Roland System-1 VST in savihost, and can setup in the MIDI input from both the Keystep, and the CTRL segment of the System-1 as inputs, and the System-1 CTRL as MIDI output, and the VST works at receiving control messages from the hardware back into the VST.

Neither VST seems to allow me to use the hardware devices as control surfaces while in reason. When I add the VSTs for either device, I can send MIDI messages from Keystep and Reason to the hardware devices, but cannot receive MIDI control messages back into the VSTs. In the Roland System-1 VST for the MIDI in section, it always shows the various System-1 devices (System-1, System-1 Ctrl) as disabled and doesn't seem to receive. The Uno editor VST always shows "waiting for Uno" message, and doesn't show any changes made on the hardware. System-1 hardware is setup as a control surface in the Reason settings, and shows a green check mark, but there are no options for Uno as a control surface.

So I am not a Reason MIDI expert, but had this previously working some time ago (haven't played with Reason and my hardware in some time, so can only say it was last seen working around the time v10 came out. I am wondering if anyone else has had these kinds of configuration problems and has suggestions to resolve?
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