What is your experience with Propellerhead's support?

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Post 26 Sep 2018

dezma wrote:
26 Sep 2018
Went from okay several years ago to simply terrible now. Last time I had to chat on facebook to get an update on a bug, logged 3 weeks earlier.

I also don't understand their roadmap any more. Basic functionality such as wav file drag and drop into VST eg for (drum)samplers is missing for over a year now. Why on earth focus on new synths and samples while we still need a full VST host to be able to do simple things. Isn't the whole point of VST support that you don't need another host any more? I guess functionality looks less appealing as opposed to new content marketing - wise. R10 is the first upgrade I skipped since R4.

Also the email spam is kind of annoying.
Drag and drop for windows does not work for me from external apps, it works on mac.

Seems like being funded has changed how they operate.

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Post 26 Sep 2018

Well, I always use fb chat to contact them and I always get help fairly quickly, and they always respond to my inquiries...
I've never once used their forms on the website though...

Mike Keys
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I have no problem with reply time, but they don't read or understand the emails.
I have tried for 2 years to have my Authorisation reset. It got corrupted when trying to de-authorise my old Mac some time ago.
They all tell me the same thing - send a screenshot - and when I do - then another reply telling me to Authorise my new computer by hitting the authorise button - which doesn't work - and hasn't worked for 2 years.
really? is it that hard to reset authorisations on a PAID account?
Yea, Propellerhead CS sucks!

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Post 27 Mar 2020

never had any issues, Only ever contacted them over past project corruption issues which were fix fairly quickly.
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Post 27 Mar 2020

for those 4 or 5 issues that I have had over 18 years my experience with them has been more than excellent
Regin wrote:
14 Sep 2018
Let there be no doubt. I love Propellerhead Reason, and I’ve been using it since version 2. In the beginning, as a rewire slave, but after Record and the ability to record audio, other DAWs have slowly played a lesser role.

However, last week something went wrong. I did a subscription order where the payment went through without a hitch, but none of the licenses were transferred to my account. This happened Saturday. I wrote to support with the expectation, that they would get back within a reasonable time to fix the issue.

However, now we have Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday again. So far I’ve heard nothing from Propellerhead’s support, and contacting them on Facebook has not changed anything other than the message that they will get back to me a.s.a.p. What that actually means is still not clear.

Needless to say, this does not impress me, and I am slowly beginning to doubt how much Propellerhead actually cares for their customers other than getting the money.

In my experience, it does not seem like they are prioritizing customer support, which I think is a bad move. Because, what is the worth of a product or service, if you can’t get help when something goes horribly wrong?

Just to get a broader perspective, I would like to know what your experience has been with Propellerhead's support?
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Post 29 Mar 2020


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Post 29 Mar 2020

They’ve always been good to me.

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Post 29 Mar 2020

Been good over the years man.

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I’ve opened a lot of tickets over the years and the have never been anything other than friendly and extremely helpful. At the moment, for obvious reasons, the support staff are working from home so things may take a bit longer. They’re still doing a good job in my opinion though.

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