Reason 10.1 - ASIO Driver Stops Working

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Post 14 Jun 2018

I've been using 10.1 for about a month now (previously on 9.5). In the last few days I have twice encountered a message from Reason saying the ASIO driver has stopped working, and all audio stops playing.

Has anyone experienced this? Here are some additional details:

- Win 7, 32GB RAM, Xeon quadcore
- Focusrite Scarlett interface with Focusrite ASIO driver
- This system and audio configuration have been in use for 3+ years with no issues
- The only new significant software installed in the last year is Reason 10.1
- Lots of VSTs have been installed, the most recent being Europa and UVI Workstation
- The ASIO error occurs after Reason has been in use for a prolonged period of time (over 2 hours)
- The second time the error occurred, I opened a session, loaded up several NNXTs with orchestral samples, then went away from the computer for a couple of hours, while Reason sat dormant. When I returned to the computer, the ASIO driver error message was on the screen.
- After the error, I can select a different (inferior) audio driver in Preferences, and audio will play
- After the error, if I immediately quit Reason, other applications on my system play audio using the Focusrite ASIO driver without any problems.
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Post 14 Jun 2018

I noticed this on my home computer on version 9.5. After hibernation ASIO driver RME not worked. I had to reboot.

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Post 15 Jun 2018

Happens to me also, especially after coming out of hibernation/sleep mode . And I have found a major bug also that corresponds
to automation on either the magma filter of d-filter. I will try and replicate but what happens is, after readjusting the automation,
the track is silenced, even though the levels are visible but no sound can be heard. The only way to fix is to restart Reason.

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Post 11 Mar 2019

Did you guys ever get this corrected?

I just started having the same issue. Focusrite Scarlett ASIO Driver on a PC with Reason 10.2.2d.

Any advise?

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Post 14 Mar 2019

The problem mysteriously cleared up and so far, has never happened again. Have no idea why it happened to begin with, and no idea why it stopped... sorry.
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